The dispensed soap is often sold in the markets, but many customers prefer to wash their hands after using it, or use it before use.

But many of them don’t feel safe to wash with soap as it has a chemical smell.

The reason for the fear is that a chemical is released into the air when soap is heated, which can lead to allergic reactions.

The chemical is called benzyl benzoate, which is a byproduct of the soap manufacturing process.

In a nutshell, it is used to neutralise the pH of the water.

The water in a washing machine has a pH of 6.5 and soap has a much higher pH of 8.5.

But the amount of benzylbenzoate that is released from a washing line is small, as it is only 0.1-0.2 per cent of the total soap, which means that the total amount released from the soap is less than 10 per cent.

A study conducted by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) showed that the percentage of benzocaine released from washing line was less than 1 per cent in five of its 30 hospitals.

“Our study shows that washing machine soap has negligible impact on the concentration of benzodiazepine in the body and therefore it does not pose a risk to health,” said Dr Satish Kumar, an expert in the molecular pharmacology of drugs and toxins.

“A study by the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi showed that there is no benzodiazapone, an anti-anxiety drug, released by a single soap dispensing machine.

Therefore, there is little risk for health.

However, if a chemical released by the soap was to be ingested, then we should be very concerned about its effect on the body,” he added.

According to the National Institute of Health (NID) report, the average daily intake of benzonated benzoic acid in India is about 0.7mg.

This is more than enough to kill one person in a short period of time, said a senior official from the Ministry of Health.

The study showed that a total of 6,700 people were exposed to benzonacillin (5mg) in a single day in India, which was almost 10 per million.

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