The province of Alberta has the ability to produce dispensable items for almost any need, and it may soon be able to buy them from manufacturers.

The province’s new dispenser-crafting policy, outlined by Alberta’s Minister of Business, Economic Development and Tourism, Chris Bentley, comes after an online survey was sent to 1,200 businesses.

“The idea is to create opportunities for the province to offer our provincial economy more flexibility in the design and development of dispensable products and services,” Bentley told reporters on Thursday.

The province will be able “to offer products in a variety of ways, including a dispenser, to businesses that may need to access government support, such as to reduce labour costs or help with staffing requirements.”

The new dispensers will be designed to be disposable, so they can be returned to the manufacturer for reuse or repackaged, Bentley said.

The dispensers could also be manufactured in a single batch, and then recycled for other purposes, such a food supply.

“That allows the province more flexibility and the ability for them to offer products to business and individuals that are really not in a position to produce that product themselves,” Bentley said, noting that Alberta is one of only two provinces that does not currently have a retail dispenser program.

“We’re going to be able, when we have the right technology, to create that opportunity.”

There is also the question of how long dispensers are available, as well as how the province plans to pay for them, which will be up to individual businesses.

Bentley said the province would work with businesses to find out how they can best make use of the new dispensable options, including how much they will cost, how many dispensers they can create, and how long it will take them to be produced.

A province-wide dispenser pilot program was also announced this month.

The new program will be run by the Alberta Economic Development Corporation (EDC), which will work with the province’s retail industry, but it will also be managed by Alberta Innovates, a private sector organization that will provide input on any new dispensing programs.

In addition, the province will also begin a pilot program this summer for companies that wish to apply for dispensers to be used at government facilities.

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