The Globe and Mail has launched a new tool to find out which Ottawa-Area cities offer a free cup of coffee, as well as the best locations for a coffee shop.

The tool, which lets users search for their own city, is a first for the paper.

It allows users to view a list of the city’s most popular cafes, as it’s known, and to click on a barcode to add a new one.

The list is updated as new cafes and bars open in each city.

A map of Ottawa-Canwest’s most-visited coffee shops is included in the tool.

A user with the handle ToniDeeBacon could also use the tool to search for coffee bars in Ottawa-Lakeshore and the surrounding area.

In the case of Lakeshore, the tool includes locations for restaurants, bars and coffee shops.

In other areas, the barcode can be used to find a cafe or coffee shop that is close to home.

There are other useful features, too.

The tool also provides information about the barcodes, and what type of coffee the barista has on hand.

For example, the map shows that Ottawa-River Heights is home to several coffee shops, including Bar Cafe in the Riverview and Coffee Bar in the Old Town.

Other areas include North Ottawa, the Old City and parts of the Lower Ottawa area.

Coffee bars in other parts of Ottawa have already opened.

In the North Ottawa area, a cafe in the area of St-Laurent Street has opened, while there is a coffee bar in the North end of Ottawa.

The Waterloo area, meanwhile, has several cafes.

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