TechCrunch, January 19, 2019– A new device that makes the process of buying a new toothbrush easier is coming to market in the U.S. with the help of a company that makes dispensers and dispensers for toothpastes. 

This device, called Toothpaste, is being called the “first-ever dental technology company to target a mass market market.” 

“It’s very much like a digital toothbrush,” said Ben Leshner, founder and CEO of the company. 

“We have a lot of potential customers and this is just one more way to make them happy.” 

Truly a dentist-driven startup, Toothpaste is based on a partnership with New England Institute of Technology’s (NEIT) Applied Physics Laboratory. 

Its $35,000 funding round was led by the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. 

Tortoiseshell’s team is using a proprietary form of a polymer that has the properties of a porous material like a plastic and is designed to absorb water and break down plaque, bacteria, and other particles that are not removed by the normal toothbrush. 

It uses two main components: a “nose” and a “mouthpiece” to hold the toothpaste and dispenser. 

The first component, the nose, has a slot that’s about two millimeters wide and one millimeter deep. 

A hole is drilled into the nose and the toothbrush slides into the slot. 

As the toothpicks up and down, the teeth on the nose become attached to the slot, and the mouthpiece slides up and out of the slot to allow the toothpick to slide out of its slot.

“Our idea is to allow people to make their own dentures without having to buy a $50,000 toothbrush, and it’s a big part of why we’re here,” said Leshners cofounder and CEO, David Dreyer.

Dreyer was working on a similar product for over a year before he got the idea to start Toothpaste. 

He said he thought it was a cool idea for a company to develop its own toothpaste because he wanted to bring the idea of making dentures to a mass audience. 

In order to make the dental products more appealing, Leshninger said he and Dreyers were given a few months to develop a prototype of the product before launching the company on Indiegogo in December. 

Within two months, the Kickstarter campaign had raised $50K. 

That’s when they knew that they had to create a better product. 

Leshner said that in order to sell Toothpaste and other products, the company had to offer better service, including a customer service hotline. 

Dreyers company also had to change the manufacturing process. 

Since the toothpastors were made in a factory, they were not assembled by hand. 

Instead, they needed to be assembled by laser cutting into pieces and then soldered together. 

And, as part of that process, the dental product needed to meet certain safety standards like being biodegradable. 

Once those requirements were met, the toothbrushes could be shipped to customers. 

With all of that in mind, Dreyes team decided to use an additive that was used in the manufacture of toothpastons in the past. 

According to Lesh, the additive is called alkylacrylate, and that’s what allowed the toothpowder to be made with the proper form. 

To make the toothpaper, the team created a form that is thinner and more transparent than traditional toothpastings. 

Then, they used the form of alkyd polyether, which is a polyester-based polymer that can break down hard enamel. 

After that, they coated the tooth paste in a clear resin, which then broke down into smaller pieces. 

 “To get the desired shape, we needed to coat it with alkyls,” Lesh said. 

When you dip your finger in the resin, you can see the clear resin. 

Each time you dip the finger in a specific amount of resin, the shape is made. 

One of the advantages of using alkylas is that it doesn’t affect the consistency of the tooth paper. 

Another is that the resin is more stable, which makes the toothpen more comfortable to use. 

For this, the Toothpaste team created their own resin to coat the tooth, a material that is made from two-dimensional polymer. 

There are different types of polymer that are used in dentistry. 

Typically, they’re made from an alloy of two substances: an anode material and an electrolyte. 

Alkylas, on the other hand, are made of a material called polyaniline. 

Polyanilines are typically used for making batteries, so the

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