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“The NFL has been in the spotlight this year on a variety of fronts,” said Robyn Gorman, a sports business analyst at research firm eMarketer.

“But this is something that is really special.”

The new toilet technology is not the first time the league has offered a foamy drink dispenser.

In May, the league unveiled a new dispenser to help players stay hydrated.

In February, the Patriots unveiled an all-foaming product, a product that has been around for years.

And last week, the Seahawks announced a new product called the “Robe Foaming Foam Dispenser,” which uses a foamer in place of a traditional foam dispenser that allows players to use their hands to help them flush.

But this latest foaming device, which is being introduced as part of the league’s efforts to help its players hydrate, is unique.

It is not available to all teams or players.

In fact, the technology is only available to players with an approved medical clearance to use, a process that can take weeks to complete.

It takes up to three days for players to have the proper clearance, and the league said the dispenser is not a replacement for a medical clearance.

“It is designed to be a portable product that can be easily used by any NFL player,” said NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy.

“It is the first of its kind and it has been approved by a medical-clearance specialist.”

The league’s decision to launch a foam dispenser in 2018 is another sign that the league is taking the health of its players more seriously.

Earlier this month, the Steelers announced that they had approved a new foaming foam dispensing device for the 2018 season, which was used in the preseason.

And the league also has started to distribute a special foaming gel for athletes.

“We know there are some athletes that need the foam more than others, and that’s why we’re bringing this in,” McCarthy said.

“The more you use the product, the more you’re getting the benefit.”

It is not clear how many players in each team will be able to use the device.

In addition to the Steelers, the New England Patriots and the Oakland Raiders have been testing the new product.

“This is just another way for us to get some of our players out and to get them to take the time to do some of these other activities that they normally do, including running,” McCarthy told reporters in a statement.

“So this is a great way to get those athletes on the field.”

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