When you’re in the mood for a drink, and you’re willing to spend a little extra on the glass, it’s easy to overlook the benefits of the plastic bottle.

But, it turns out, plastic bottles have some very serious downsides.

We’re not talking about a couple of milligrams of carbon dioxide per ounce of glass here.

We’re talking about the stuff that is used to fill those bottles.

The plastic that’s in these bottles, for instance, is typically made from polypropylene, which is made from PVC and PVC resin.

But when we talk about plastic, we’re talking plastic from petroleum.

That’s because petroleum, like plastic, is extremely toxic, especially when you consider the amount of plastic that is being used in the industry.

But the plastics in the glass bottles are made from plastic that has been chemically treated, and this treatment means that they’re actually more resistant to water and to water pollution than the rest of the glass.

Plastic bottles are also often made from a very high concentration of polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate is a polymer that’s much harder than plastic.

It can be molded to look like a shape and then be molded into any shape you like.

In fact, polycarbonates have been used to make bottles since the early 1800s, which means they’re not made of a single substance but instead a multitude of different plastic molecules.

The plastics in these plastic bottles are often made of polypropyl-2,6-dichlorophenoxyethane, or PPDCE, which can be a mixture of plastics that are very similar to each other.

But if you look closely at the chemical makeup of a polycarbonated plastic bottle, you’ll notice that the PPDGE molecules are a mixture made of three chemical elements: hydroxypropyl, propyl, and isopropyl.

It is the most common chemical element in plastics.

When you combine this chemical element with the other elements in the chemical composition, you get the chemical formula for a plastic bottle: polyethylene oxide, or PET, or polyethylenediamine.

So, you’ve got a plastic that looks like a bottle and you’ve also got a chemical compound called PET.

If you’re making a glass bottle, PET is what’s in it.

But PET has some other chemical characteristics, and those can have a big impact on the way that it behaves.

In the first place, PET can’t be cleaned up easily.

The water in plastic bottles is usually pumped out of them by a machine called a scrubber, and these machines need to be able to quickly clean the glass of PET, which in turn can make the glass much more sticky and difficult to clean.

PET is also very toxic to bacteria.

When bacteria are living in plastic, they get the opportunity to reproduce and multiply.

So when you put something in the bottle, it is much easier for bacteria to get inside the plastic.

So PET can cause bacterial contamination of glass containers.

In addition, PET contains a very small amount of carbon, which adds to the weight of plastic.

A bottle of water, for example, has an overall weight of just over 1 gram, which works out to about 0.006 pounds per cubic foot.

But a plastic glass bottle is just under 2 pounds.

And if you add all the carbon in a glass plastic bottle to the water in that glass bottle over the course of a year, that adds up to just over a kilogram.

So the added weight of a plastic beverage can have far-reaching consequences.

If the plastic in the bottles is contaminated with bacteria, you can end up with a number of health issues.

The chemical makeup in a plastic water bottle can be used as a biocide.

When plastic bottles were first made, it was thought that a chemical that was added to the plastic after the glass was poured would prevent bacterial growth in the plastic, and so the glass would stay fresh longer.

But that’s not what happens.

Instead, the chemical compound used to create the plastic also turns out to be harmful to the microbes living in the water.

When the water gets in contact with bacteria that have been living in plastics for a long time, the plastic begins to degrade.

This means that the bacteria will begin to die, and if the bottle is contaminated, the bacteria can then start to spread across the surface of the bottle.

When we talk of plastic bottles, we often think of them as a way to recycle old bottles, but these plastic glass bottles can be very toxic.

In a report published in 2014, the American Chemical Society estimated that 1.5 percent of the bottles in the US are contaminated with microbes.

That is, if a plastic plastic bottle is spilled on your furniture, or on a sidewalk, or in your neighbor’s yard, then there are probably a few bugs in there.

And while it’s not clear exactly how much plastic is in a bottle of beer, you could be drinking

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