A countertop dispenser in an American City grocery store is the sort of thing that should be an instant staple of every American household.

But the counter tops in many stores are too narrow and too thin for the vast majority of households, according to a new survey.

The results from the National Retail Federation survey indicate that Americans are increasingly opting for smaller and thinner dispensers.

The survey showed that in 2017, about one-third of American households had a countertop unit with an overall capacity of 20 ounces or less.

That number is about half the number of households who had a unit with a capacity of 25 ounces or more.

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While some people still prefer larger countertop units, there are signs that the trend is starting to slow, with fewer households choosing the smaller units.

The median countertop capacity was just 20 ounces in 2017 for households that used them.

It dropped to 17 ounces in 2020, according the survey, and then dropped to 15 ounces in 2025.

The new survey shows that about half of American families still have an existing countertop, which could help to explain why countertops continue to have a large market share.

In addition to countertops, American City also offers a laundry dispenser and dryer.

A counter top with a 30-liter capacity could have been an appealing choice for many families, but the number one reason people are still opting for a smaller unit is that they are just not used to being able to use the countertops on their own, said Robyn G. O’Neil, vice president of the National Association of Home Builders.

“The countertop was never the primary tool that people used to wash their clothes,” she said.

“You’re still washing your clothes in the sink.”

A counter-top with a 20-liter unit, for example, could be a great addition to a home if the household does not already have a washing machine.

However, most people will not be using their countertops as frequently, and if they are, the dispensers would be in too small a space for them to get around their clothes.

Some of the counter-tops in American City stores, like the one pictured above, were only 20-ounce units.

“We’re seeing that people want to make it work for them, not be a burden for them,” O’Neill said.

Some stores have taken steps to make dispensers even smaller, such as allowing customers to place the dispenser on a shelf instead of on a counter top.

But many other companies still offer smaller countertops with a larger capacity.

The biggest reason why Americans are not moving away from countertops is that their families do not.

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Americans spend about 40% of their income on countertops.

According a 2017 report by the National League of Cities, Americans spent an average of $15,764 on countertop-related items and $15.6 million on counter-related supplies in 2016.

The average cost of a counter-to-countertop countertop in 2017 was $8,918, according a study by the nonprofit organization Consumer Reports.

There are other reasons why people are choosing to save money by switching to countertop.

For one, there is an economic incentive to go the smaller countertop option, since they have less money to spend on a lot of things, according Tim Rieser, director of the Center for Community-Based Retail Research at the University of California, Berkeley.

But countertops are also more likely to be a cost-effective way to wash dishes and other household items.

For example, a 20 ounce countertop could cost about $300 and a 25 ounce counter top could cost $300.

That’s because a counter tops can easily be washed, even without a washing station, with just one touch.

For families who want to save even more money, there’s another reason that countertops make a good choice.

A family can choose a countertops option based on a variety of factors.

For instance, some families choose countertop options that are affordable for their household size.

But if a family does not have access to a washing or dryer, or a counter for their kitchen countertop is in a low-income area, a counter can save money.

“There are many factors that make countertop products attractive to families,” said O’Brien, who is the chief marketing officer for AARP.

“They may want a counter with a wide enough surface area to accommodate their family’s needs, they may want to avoid the costs associated with a counter and countertop.”

Some countertop manufacturers are now offering countertop packs with laundry detergent and cleaning products.

Another option is to use countertops in combination with other products, like kitchen countertops or countertops for washing dishes.

Some of the most popular countertop brands are: Oliveira: Oliveira has a counter unit that has a capacity for about 35 ounces

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