Posted November 11, 2018 05:29:10 Delta will offer a new brand of soap dispensing machines at some of its stores starting from December.

Key points:Delta’s new machines will come with a new packaging and customer service designThe machines will be available to customers for around $15 a monthIn a statement, the company said it wanted to offer the new dispensers to “everybody” who wanted them, but that it didn’t want to “exploit the existing customers or the existing loyalty programs”.

It said it planned to release the machines at its stores at some point this year.

“It’s a brand new product that is going to be more flexible, easier to use and make the product easier to handle,” Delta CEO Joe Saltzman said.

“You’ll be able to use your Delta soap in the shower and it’s also going to go on the countertop so you can use it to wash the dishes, wash your hands or wash your car.”

The new machines, which have been designed to be “more convenient and easier to manage”, will also be more easily integrated into the store’s “loyalty programs”.

“These new dispensing stations are designed to work in conjunction with existing loyalty program programs, so when a customer signs up for a loyalty program, they will be able use them to dispense their soap,” Mr Saltzman added.

“In fact, the Delta brand will be used in the loyalty programs, and you can choose from Delta, Starbucks or Amazon, which all offer a wide range of loyalty programs.”

The company also said it was also rolling out “new and improved customer service products” to its stores.

Mr Saltzman also said the company was introducing new loyalty rewards programs to attract more customers.

The new dispenser machines will cost between $15 and $30 each and come with three different packaging options, and can be used at checkout, on-site or in the back of the store.

Customers can use the dispensers at checkout and at the store front, where the machines can be handed to customers.

“We’ve always been the company that people go to to get a good experience,” Mr Salzman said in the statement.

“So we want to give people that same experience that they want to have.”

They want to be able go into a store, pick up a drink and just get on with their day.

“Delta has also said that its new dispensernables will not be offered to customers at its existing stores, but would instead be available through new loyalty programs.”

At Delta, loyalty programs are designed so that people are able to choose a loyalty reward that fits with their lifestyle,” Mr Sandlin said.

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