There are few things that could make Mitt Romney feel better about his party’s chances at the presidency.

But it’s one of them.

According to a new Gallup poll, which finds that voters want to elect a Republican again in 2016, and that they want to take their party back to the White of the Capital.

Among Republicans, only 44% would vote for a Democrat in 2020 if it was a contest between President Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, while 48% would back a Republican in 2020, according to the survey.

There are no clear differences among independents, with 45% saying they would back the party’s nominee, while 43% would oppose it.

That’s a huge difference, and one that could be a huge boost to the Republican Party’s chances in 2020.

In recent years, the GOP has made significant gains in national and state legislative seats, as well as in governorships and legislatures, but the party is still trailing in many of the key states.

But in 2020 voters appear more receptive to a Republican alternative.

A new Gallup survey from Monday shows that 48% of Americans would vote to elect President Joe Trump as their party’s president in 2020 compared to 46% who would back Biden.

The poll found that Biden is ahead in the race to become the Republican nominee, and 51% of respondents said they would vote Republican in the 2020 election.

That is a huge jump from the 31% who said they wouldn’t vote at all, and just 20% who didn’t know.

Democrats are now ahead of Republicans in many key states, with Clinton leading by more than 11 points in Michigan and Colorado.

In Nevada, where a Republican-controlled state legislature has blocked a state law that would have banned transgender people from using public bathrooms that match their gender identity, Biden has a two-point edge over Trump among likely voters, according the poll.

Biden’s lead over Trump is much bigger than Trump’s lead in the general election.

In a poll from December, Trump led by a wide margin, 53%-39%.

The next most popular candidate, however, was former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, with 13% of the vote.

Giuliani has now dropped out of the race.

But he has a big advantage over the next most unpopular Republican, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who is trailing by 4 points.

Walker, meanwhile, is trailing in the polls by a whopping 10 points.

The last Republican to win the presidency was George W. Bush in 2004, and his Democratic challenger, then-Sen. Scott Brown, has been a staunch critic of Trump’s.

A CNN/ORC poll released Monday found that a majority of Americans, 57%, believe that Trump should be impeached over his conduct as president.

That would be a high number for an election year, and an unprecedented one for a president who has never been removed from office.

Polling has consistently shown that Republicans are more likely to vote for Trump in the Senate than Democrats.

But there is a clear partisan divide in the popular vote, with 51% saying that Trump would be better off losing the presidency to Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2020 than to Clinton winning the popular-vote vote by more votes than Trump.

Biden leads by a big margin among independents as well, with 46% saying he would be their party to replace the president.

But only 29% of independents say they would support a Democrat to succeed Trump in 2020 and 31% say they wouldnít vote for either Biden or Clinton in the election.

The partisan gap is not as wide among Republicans, however.

Just 25% of Republicans would vote Trump to replace Trump, while 50% would support Biden and 41% wouldnítt vote for Clinton.

The party has made a concerted effort to build support among its base in recent years and is now running a more diverse field of candidates than it did in past elections.

But Biden, who will turn 67 next week, will likely face a much harder time winning the Democratic nomination in 2020 over his rivals.

He has a far smaller campaign staff, and will likely have to rely on the backing of the partyís most conservative members.

In addition, Trump has the benefit of having been elected in large part on a platform of building a wall along the Mexican border, and building a new version of the Affordable Care Act.

It is unlikely that Trump and his administration will be able to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, but there is no question that they have made significant progress on that front.

The GOP is trying to win back control of Congress in 2018 by appealing to its base and mobilizing its base of support in the way that it has historically done.

This election is not the first time that Democrats have attempted to expand their base in a way that appeals to the GOP base, and the party appears to have made a big effort to win over those voters.

But if the party continues to struggle, and if its nominee loses in 2020 despite the

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