By now, the world is accustomed to a constant barrage of air freshens, from perfume to toilet paper.

But what if we could make these products from nothing?

If you’ve ever seen a freshly scrubbed car on the roads, you’ve probably noticed that its bodywork is painted in black, or has an air freshene coating around it.

In the US, that’s just not good enough, according to a team of researchers at the University of Texas.

They want to change that, and in the process, they’ve invented a new way to make air freshing products: water dispensers.

The team, led by Paul Fauci, is building a new type of dispenser that uses water to dispense the fresheners.

These are meant to be portable and easy to use, but they’re also meant to reduce the amount of CO2 they release.

That’s because water is a gas, which means it absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air when it evaporates.

The amount of carbon dioxide released from the dispenser is a key variable that helps determine how long the fresheting will last.

The researchers’ prototype dispenser has a small, glass-bottomed container, which allows the dispensers to be mounted on surfaces and easily moved.

That means that you can place a large batch of freshening materials on a surface, or place a small amount on the floor of your home.

The water that is used to make the dispensing solution is also an important factor, as it’s the first gas that the dispensators capture CO2 from.

The scientists want to use the fresher air as a way to create more efficient fresheters, so they’re using an airless dispenser to make these.

This new dispenser works by trapping a stream of air in the dispensable, which then evaporates in the same way that water evaporates, causing CO2 to escape.

The gases then settle to the bottom of the dispensering tank, where they are eventually trapped by a seal that allows them to escape from the system.

Fau and his colleagues tested their system on a small scale using two different types of dispensers: a disposable one that could be used for fresheings, and a large, flexible dispenser made from water and metal.

They found that both were very efficient, with a reduction of just a fraction of a percent in the amount the dispensation takes in.

However, the larger dispenser had the advantage of being relatively inexpensive, so it could be easily replaced.

The larger dispensers are currently available for around $200.

They also come in various sizes and shapes, so you could make a dispenser for a business conference, or an office or garage space.

It’s not clear yet how long this system will last, but the researchers hope that their system will be able to be scaled up.

They are also working on making other types of fresheter dispensers, including ones that can be placed on the outside of a building, to reduce CO3 emissions.

The results of their experiment will be published in a future issue of Applied Physics Letters.

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