The president’s first major political hit came from a fake news site in which he claimed he had seen “tens of thousands” of people celebrating in Chicago after the city voted to ban all but two major types of guns.

The president’s comments appeared to contradict a separate White House report, which said more than 5,000 people gathered in Chicago in a show of support for the city’s new gun restrictions.

Trump claimed that the president had seen tens of thousands of people gathered on the streets of Chicago after voting to ban guns, despite reports that Trump was unable to verify that he was actually there.

“There was a lot of cheering and cheering,” Trump told reporters as he toured a gun store.

“And I think, look, I’ve never seen this kind of crowds before.”

Trump later claimed he was looking for “the best crowd.”

The crowd he claimed to have seen was, in fact, just a small gathering of supporters of former President Barack Obama, according to the report, issued by the conservative news site Breitbart.

It did not mention that Breitbart was also behind a fake story on Saturday claiming that Trump had been shot by a police officer.

Trump had tweeted a similar story about the Chicago crowd in early January, after the police chief had announced the death of a man who was allegedly shot in the head by an off-duty Chicago police officer, who was later charged with murder.

Trump has frequently compared the violence in Chicago to those in Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore, the two most recent U.S. cities to see protests erupt in response to the deaths of black men.

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