A paper plate invented in India is the world’s only surviving invention, the Indian inventor of the invention said Tuesday, but many other inventions, including the world-famous soap dispensers, have been invented elsewhere.

In his latest speech at the Bhatta-Mangalore International Exhibition, which opens Thursday in New Delhi, K. Srinivasan said the only one of his paper plates has been found in an underground mine.

He said that when he was working in a mine in the area, he saw a stone slab that was of stone.

The stone slab, he said, was then used to manufacture the paper plate.

Srinivasans original invention, he added, was a stone pot, a clay pot and a clay wheel. “

It was an extremely old invention.”

Srinivasans original invention, he added, was a stone pot, a clay pot and a clay wheel.

While Srinivaans invention is unique, there are hundreds of similar stone plates, the statement said, including many used by the British to keep track of gold and silver.

India has produced over 1,000 stone plates in the past three centuries, Srinivalas statement said without naming the country.

It is unclear whether the plates were actually invented in the mines, but the ancient inventor of stone plates has not been identified.

Sometime in the 19th century, he went on to make a large potter’s wheel, the second largest wheel in the world.

Stone plates have also been used for other purposes.

In the 1950s, the American scientist and inventor Louis Brandt invented the first electric toothbrush, which he named after his son.

Brandt used the electric tooth brush to wipe away stains from the mouth and help people clean up after themselves.

Also in 1950, a German company manufactured a model of a washing machine that could operate on solar energy, the Japanese inventor Takashi Kiyono also called the device a solar-powered washing machine.

Later that year, a Japanese inventor, Akira Toyoda, invented the electric scooter, a device that could be used to travel quickly, from point A to point B in a very short time.

A century later, a British inventor, John Beddoes, invented a steam powered bicycle, and an American inventor, Edward James Dyson, invented electric jets.

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