A San Diego pump company has patented a new dispenser that can sanitize pumps to help them work better.

In a patent filing filed Tuesday, The Pump Company said its new dispensers use a patented technology that cleans the pumps and prevents contamination.

The pump is a common type of pump that typically has a pump with a lid and a nozzle on it, with the nozzle facing out.

Pump dispensers are typically used for cleaning and disinfecting homes, offices and other places where contaminated water or waste can enter.

The patented pump, called an auto-sanitizer, uses a combination of an infrared light and ultraviolet light to detect contamination from a source and then clean the pump to remove it.

The technology can be activated by simply pressing a button on the dispenser.

An infrared light detects the presence of a micro-particle in a pump’s fluid, and ultraviolet radiation from a UV light emits a light that bounces off of it, turning the fluid to a clear liquid.

Unlike conventional pumps that use a vacuum to clean, auto-sans the pump, instead the auto-safe technology removes the waste from the fluid.

The pump can then be cleaned again, which can be done by using the pump’s nozzle or another pump with an automatic sanitizing function.

The patent filing said that its technology is safe to use because the pumps work by using infrared light to find and remove micro-plastics, and by detecting the presence and removal of micro-organisms.

Pumps can also be used for sanitization, by spraying a solution of water and bleach on them to remove them from the water supply.

“The auto- sanitizers used in our new pumps are safe and easy to use and can be cleaned with water or bleach,” said Jason Cottrell, president of The Pump Co., in a statement.

While the patent filing doesn’t describe how it could be used, it does say that it can clean a pump for an entire day, allowing the pump and its nozzle to be cleaned without any chemicals or bleach.

The patent filing also noted that its pump can be used to sanitise a pump that’s already cleaned, which is important for homes and businesses that need to keep a clean, sanitary environment.

With the technology, it could also help businesses and homeowners keep more clean, clean water supplies, which are needed for many purposes, including sanitising sinks and other surfaces, the company said.

It could also be useful for people who don’t want to buy a pump, because the technology could be cheaper than using a disposable pump, which could also cause pollution and water pollution.

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