With the opening of new shopping malls in the coming months, Vancouver’s malls are expected to be less popular than their original mall days.

The new, more upscale stores, like Nordstrom, will likely open later in the year.

“I think the mall concept will continue to evolve,” said Michael Tovar, who is president of the Vancouver Association of Realtors.

“There will be more of a focus on experiential shopping and experientially-oriented merchandise, and it will be very much geared toward younger consumers.”

We’ll see what happens.

I think the trend will continue.

“The malls were created in the early 1980s as a way to attract new and creative businesses to the city, which was growing rapidly at the time.”

The city has now seen some changes. “

It was the beginning of the modern retail landscape.”

The city has now seen some changes.

The city is planning a mixed-use project called Cambie Centre, which is set to open in the spring.

That project is not part of the new plan, but Tovarls wife said it is a good example of how shopping malls can be more sustainable and accessible.

“In the city of Vancouver, there is a lot of retail activity, so the mall is the place to go for that,” she said.

The new malls will be much more accessible and offer a more authentic shopping experience than the ones in the past.

The changes include adding restaurants, bars and cafes to the mix.

“This is the beginning, but it is the start,” said Kathy Tovaria.

“We think that it is going to be a great place for people to go.”

The new stores will open at the new Vancouver International Airport, which opened in April.

The mall is also expected to open next year at the old Vancouver Airport.

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