A new wine dispensing machine could be a game changer for the wine industry, according to a new wine-maker’s patent application.

The patent application filed by New Wine’s CEO is based on an invention called the Wine Dispenseer 2, and it aims to transform the way that consumers interact with wine.

The device, which uses a pair of Bluetooth speakers to transmit and receive messages, allows consumers to stream wine in their smartphones.

“By replacing the traditional interface of traditional wine dispensers, with a mobile wine dispensation device, users can now stream a single bottle of wine without having to leave their homes,” the company writes.

“This enables a number of other benefits: 1) users will no longer have to leave the house to receive wine; 2) they will be able to receive and process multiple bottles of wine in a short time; 3) they can store and transport multiple bottles; 4) they are able to stream multiple bottles in a matter of seconds; and 5) they may be able stream multiple wine bottles simultaneously.”

A new Wine Dispensing Machine could be the answer to the wine conundrum, but it’s a bit of a leap forward.

The Wine Dispenses 2 is only a prototype, and New Wine is still working to refine the design.

The company says it will start shipping the device in the fall, and the first unit will be available to consumers in mid-December.

The devices will come with a built-in speaker and remote control, and they will come in two sizes: a 4-inch model and a 6-inch one.

The 4-in-1 model is also available to buy, but the company says that will come later in the year.

New Wine plans to release the Wine dispensers at retail stores as well as on its website.

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