Microsoft Surface is a great product, but its features and design can be a bit lacking.

But now Microsoft has announced that it’s working on a new laptop to address those problems, the Surface L5.

The new Surface L3, however, doesn’t offer all the features that Microsoft hopes to offer.

It’s got a larger screen, a better processor, and the option to buy an optional screen protector for an extra $100.

If you already own a Surface L, you’ll get to choose between this model or the new Surface Pro 4.

But you won’t get a Surface Pro 3 for the same price.

The only other thing you’ll find on the Surface Pro is a USB Type-C port.

The Surface Pro 5 will be available in September, and it will be the same design as the Surface Mini 3.

If the Surface Series 3 was the last Surface to come with the Surface Pen, the L5 is the first to come out with a pen-like stylus.

This is because Microsoft is offering the Surface with two pen models: the Surface A11 and Surface B10.

There are two pen sizes, a 13mm and a 16mm.

The B10 is thinner than the A11, but the A10 and A11 have a slightly different pen size.

The two pen colors are available separately for $300, $250, and $200.

If your Surface is the L3 model, you can get the B10 for $100 with a stylus, or $200 with a plastic stylus for $130.

The L5 will be on sale in September for $799.

It will come in three colors, silver, gold, and silver/gold, as well as silver/black.

There’s also a white option for $450.

The screen size of the Surface Book will be about 13.7 inches, which is about half the size of a MacBook Pro, but that’s still a bit bigger than the current Surface Pro and Surface Book.

The 15.6-inch screen is much larger than the Surface RT’s, but you can only use it on the Windows 10 Mobile operating system.

Microsoft says the Surface is an ideal laptop for working remotely, as you don’t need to be tethered to the laptop at all.

You can use the Surface as a tablet for watching videos, taking notes, and playing games.

The company also claims that the Surface comes with a variety of productivity tools, including the Microsoft Word app, a spreadsheet, a pen calculator, a voice recorder, and more.

The Microsoft Surface also has a number of USB Type C ports, allowing you to charge up to three devices at once, and Microsoft says that you’ll also be able to charge your Surface with an external battery pack, which can also be used to charge other devices.

You’ll be able buy the Surface for $749.

Microsoft has been teasing the Surface over the last few months, and we’ve already reviewed a few of its specs.

Microsoft hopes that the new device will be a real winner for the Surface family, and this is the new flagship for Microsoft.

It’ll have all the hardware and software specs of the previous Surface, but with a bigger screen, better processors, and better camera.

If Microsoft’s claims about the Surface series are true, you might want to buy the Laptop if you’re looking for the best of both worlds.

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