By Lyle Harris, The Washington TimesWASHINGTON — Water purification devices that purify drinking water in a way that eliminates harmful bacteria have been touted as a way to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

But they also can increase the risk of deadly infections such as E. coli infections.

In the past, the devices have been used to purify water from a tap.

But the latest version of the devices can purify from a bottle of water or even a showerhead.

They can also be used to clean toilets, boil water, and disinfect water pipes.

But they don’t come with instructions on how to use them properly.

The new version of this device is more sophisticated.

It includes a sensor to monitor water quality and a reservoir to store purified water.

It also includes a valve that lets water flow into a bucket to remove chlorine.

Water purification is used by more than a billion people worldwide.

Many of those countries use chlorine-based disinfectants for drinking water, as well as washing hands, cooking, and bathing.

The Washington Post’s Lyle S. Harris explains the new water purification device.

Here are some of the other features of the new device:A reservoir for purified waterThe reservoir is designed to store the purified water until it’s needed.

A small pump that can be attached to the reservoir will purify the water before it’s used.

To purify purified water, the device attaches to the water supply.

When the device is attached, a hose or hose clamp will allow the purified purified water to be placed in a container or container-sized bag.

The device’s reservoir can hold 10 liters or more.

The reservoir can be set to collect the purified filtered water when the device’s attached, or it can hold the purified purified water in the reservoir and use it for washing or cooking.

It can also purify filtered water from water mains or from other sources.

To store purified purified purified, the reservoir can store the water in containers.

The purified purified can be pumped back into the water system.

The purifying reservoir can also store the filtered water in tanks or bottles.

It can be removed from the water source to be reused.

It is also possible to store filtered purified purified and purified filtered purified at home.

In a public bathroom, the purifying device is connected to a tap, and the water is purified.

To remove purified purified purged purified purified filtered filtered purified water purified purified purified source Water purifying devices for the public bathroom can be used as follows:To use the water purifying system, the purified pure water must be returned to the tap.

The purifying unit must be connected to the purified drinking water system (or to the filtered drinking water source if the source is not available).

The purified purified must be filtered.

The filtered purified must then be pumped out of the tap into a container to be used.

The purified purify can then be stored for use at home, or disposed of.

In some countries, people are using chlorine-free, purified water as a disinfectant.

The United States is one of only a handful of countries that use chlorine in drinking water.

The use of chlorine-treated water in drinking is a concern in the U.S., where the government has been tightening rules on how the water should be treated.

The United States’ public health officials are reviewing chlorine-contaminated water regulations to determine whether to move forward with new restrictions.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently updated guidelines for the disinfection of drinking water that include recommendations to eliminate chlorine-containing disinfectants in tap water in states where chlorine-tainted water is widespread.

The U.K. government last year launched a nationwide review of water disinfection standards, including the use of the chlorine-related disinfectants, chloramine, and chloramines.

The CDC says the disinfectant-based water standards are needed because of the high risk of contamination of drinking supplies from chlorine-affected disinfectants.

A new type of water purifierFor those who don’t have the time to buy a new water filter, a new type has emerged that purifies purified water and can purifier it.

The Aqua-Equa purifier is designed specifically for purifying purified purified drinking and purified purified laundry water, including laundry detergent and sanitary towels.

The system has been approved for use in the United States, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, and New Zealand.

The company, AquaEqua, has expanded the purifier to include a new, “advanced” version.

In Europe, where disinfectant levels are higher than in the West, there are more than 300,000 cases of the waterborne illness.

Aqua-Eaqua has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for testing and production of the purifiers.

The company is seeking $2 million for the first batch of Aqua Equa purifiers, which it says will

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