The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and its National Coalition on Mental Health (NCMH) are calling on the government to create a National Strategy for Mental Health that will provide support for people with mental health problems and provide information on the effectiveness of services.NAMI’s Mental Health Strategy will provide guidance on how to best help people with anxiety and depression, and it will help governments and charities to develop and implement strategies that reduce the stigma around mental health and address the causes of mental health issues.NAMM’s strategy is a blueprint for mental health policy, with its aim being to make mental health services more accessible to the public, reducing stigma, and increasing access to treatment.

The strategy outlines a national strategy to provide services for people living with mental illness and offers a range of evidence-based solutions, including access to appropriate, affordable, effective and culturally sensitive treatments.

It also identifies gaps in services and supports for people in mental health, including the role of local community health workers, family and friends, and community-based services.

The National Alliance’s mental health strategy outlines the government’s approach to mental health care, including how to improve care and provide better services to people living in mental illness.

The NAMM and NCMH are calling for a national plan to address mental health stigma, which they describe as the cultural and social exclusion of people with depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses.

“Stigma in our society can be devastating,” NAMI President James Brough said in a statement.

“Many of us are living with the consequences of mental illness, often at great personal risk.

Our goal is to build on what’s been done to tackle stigma, including mental health education, and provide more effective support and support networks to reduce stigma and ensure people are receiving the support they need to get the help they need.”

According to the NAMB, a national mental health plan is needed that addresses the causes and consequences of stigma.

The strategy should include the following: • The role of community mental health workers in addressing stigma.

• The importance of promoting culturally appropriate treatment for people who live with mental illnesses, including people with disabilities and others with physical, mental or intellectual disabilities.• The importance and need for the development of a national action plan for reducing stigma in the community and across society.• Recommendations on how the Government can best support people with different forms of mental or physical health issues, including those living with substance use disorders, people with learning difficulties, mental illness patients, or people with substance abuse disorders.

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