Costco and Water have been partnering up to create a dispenser that allows consumers to buy, wash, and use their own water.

The new dispenser will work with the company’s online store, where customers can find a large variety of water dispensers to choose from.

Users will also be able to place a price on their water.

The dispenser is not a replacement for a water tank, but it does allow users to buy water without spending money on a tank and instead save money by having to buy bottled water instead.

The costco product will be available in the US and Canada, with an initial release expected in the spring of 2020.

Costco will be able sell the dispenser at participating retailers in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Sweden.

The dispenser comes with a built-in sensor, but will only be compatible with one water source at a time.

The water source will be limited to 100 litres per minute, so users will have to manually change their water supply when they change their device.

Users will be required to purchase a water filter for the dispensing device to work, as well as a reusable water bottle.

The device is currently available for $39.99 and will cost $39 a month.

The company is planning to launch its water dispensing service in the United States in 2019, but the company has yet to reveal any details on how it will launch the product in other markets.

The company did, however, release a press release last month detailing the service.

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