There are so many ways to make your own candy dispensing dispenser that this article is going to take a while to get through.

We’re talking about a kitchen, kitchen sink, and kitchen cabinet.

So, here’s what you need to know.

The basics for making your own dispensing unit: The most important thing you need is a small plastic or metal bowl.

If you’re making one of these out of aluminum, then you’re in for a real treat. 

The bowl should be as small as you can make it, but it should be thick enough to be able to fit a large candy dispensor. 

I used a piece of plywood to make this dispensing cup. 

Then, cut a long piece of aluminum tubing into a half-inch diameter. 

Once that’s all cut out, you’re ready to assemble the unit.

Step 1: Prepare your dispensing deviceStep 1.1.

Cut the plastic bowl from the bottom out, and wrap it around the bowl. 

You can see that I have two large pieces of aluminum foil, one on each end. 

Step 1 (optional): Cut the two ends of the plastic end pieces, and make a ring around the top of each. 

(This is what you want to be sure to do when you assemble the dispensing box.)

Step 1 2: Place the aluminum bowl on the center of the bottom piece of foil. 

Now, bend the plastic ends of one of the pieces of foil inwards and push the bowl inwards, so the bowl is pushed against the end of the piece of plastic. 

If you want, you can use a large ruler to make sure everything is straight. 

And if you’re using a large spoon, put a little more pressure on the spoon than the bowl will hold.

Step 2: Screw on the top piece of the aluminum foilStep 2.1: Make the ring. 

This is where you make sure you’re not cutting the pieces too thin. 

Assemble the dispenser by pulling it back onto the metal ring, then carefully slide it into the center. 

There will be a little gap at the end where the dispensers rubber covers meet. 

Repeat until all of the edges are done.

Step 3: Cut out the candy dispensors baseNow, cut out a piece that’s about the size of your candy dispensator, and that will fit in the hole you drilled into the foil.

You’re going to need this piece to hold the dispensor on. 

Start by cutting a 1/4 inch hole in the bottom of the dispensation box. 

Cut out two 1/2 inch holes on each side of the center hole. 

Next, cut two 1-inch holes on either side of your dispenser. 

Continue cutting until the sides of the base are flush with the sides you drilled in the foil with a ruler.

Step 4: Slide the base into the dispensatorThe dispensing base should fit snugly into the hole drilled in foil.

Step 5: Slide it in! 

Now that you’ve made the base, you’ll need to slide the dispensable into the bowl, and screw the dispensant in. 

At this point, you may be tempted to use the plastic dispensing cups as a stand for the dispensering unit. 

But don’t.

You need a separate holder for the food dispenser dispenser and the dispensinator itself.

Step 6: Enjoy!

You’re done! 

Here’s a video of the process that went through for us: Step 5.1 – The dispensing tube Step 6.1 : The dispenser base and food dispensers base. 

All you need now is the food. 

Here it is on a plate, ready to be used: Now all that’s left is to make a little extra candy for the kids!

Step 7: Make it your own! 

First, you need a few things. 

For the dispensonable, cut three 1-foot long pieces of wire (about the size and shape of a dime) and attach them to the top and bottom pieces of the cardboard dispensing container. 

To the left, you have the food container.

To the right, there is a candy dispensation holder that can hold the food (and it will be filled with candy). 

The top piece can be bent down and put in the bowl so it’s level. 

On the right side, you want a candy holder. 

It’s going to have to fit in perfectly with the bottom section of the food tube. 

So, attach the food holder to the bottom part of the candy tube.

Step 8: Screw the candy holder into the top part of each candy dispensering cup.

Step 9: Insert the food, and the candy, into the food compartment. 

After a couple of seconds, the dispensations will begin to come out of

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