Hand sanitizers are not as clean as they should be, according to a new study from researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.

Researchers found that hand sanitisers may not always be 100 percent effective in cleaning hands of bacteria, as the manufacturers have not tested for the potential for contamination.

Hand sanitizes are not 100 percent safe, as some bacteria can survive and become resistant to them, said David Hickey, a research assistant professor at the university’s College of Pharmacy.

If you use hand sanits that do not contain any ingredients that can be found in natural hand sanifiers, you are putting your hands at risk for getting hand sanitized bacteria, he said.

Hickey’s team found that the majority of hand-sanitizer brands tested in this study were not 100% effective in killing or preventing hand-borne bacteria.

“Most of the products tested were not effective in their intended purpose of preventing bacteria from forming in your hands, and they did not provide an effective way to keep your hands clean,” Hickey said.

“If you are using hand sanizers that do contain ingredients that you can find in natural hands sanitizering products, and that are not labeled as containing a bacteria-killing ingredient, then you are doing something wrong.”

Hand sanitizers are not effective for preventing bacteria contamination in hands, study findsThe study looked at 16 hand sanizer brands and found that all of them contained some bacteria that could survive in a sample of hand wipes and did not kill bacteria in the sample.

But the hand saniticant brands tested were the least effective at killing bacteria, according the study.

Hand sanites may not be as effective at preventing hand infection in the future, according researchers.

This is because the hand-washing technology has been improving and is now more effective than hand sanites at killing the bacteria, Hickey added.

Hand sanitizer manufacturers need to make their products more effective and safe, he warned.

Hickey said that while hand sanity products are a common option, they are not safe.

It is not recommended to use hand washing to wash hands, even if you know that it will kill the bacteria.

Hickey pointed out that most people do not wash their hands before and after using hand-washers, so the bacteria that can survive in the water is not being killed.HICHE has partnered with the American Academy of Pediatrics to develop a hand hygiene protocol for children and adults.

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