A Pez candy machine that’s meant to melt chocolate, ice cream, and even cookies is in serious danger of breaking.

A new report says the vending machine has been found to be in the process of melting all three kinds of food it comes in contact with, which could cause serious health issues.

The machine’s manufacturer says the problem is related to the way the machines work.

The vending machine is made by Pez Candy Dispenser, and the company says it is currently working on a new vending machine that can melt all kinds of foods.

“We are investigating the cause of the problem to determine the best solution for the brand,” the company said in a statement.

“If we determine there is no viable solution, we will recall the machines and take appropriate action.”

A company spokesperson told CNN that it’s likely that the problem was caused by a malfunction in the machine’s electronic controls.

“The vending machines have not been tampered with,” the spokesperson said.

“It is important to remember that the machines are not in use by Pezz, so there is a possibility of this happening to other vending machines.”

The company says there are a number of options that can be taken to prevent the vending machines from breaking.

They include replacing the electronics in the machines with an easy-to-read display that says “NOT MELTING FOOD,” replacing the batteries in the vending-machine’s power supply, or buying new machines.

A spokesperson for the company told CNN, “We have taken the necessary measures to ensure the safety of the product and the public.”

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