Here is how to get shower soap for yourself or your kids from a neighbour.1.

Find the toilet paper dispenser.

Find a toilet paper supply store that sells shower and bath soap.2.

Make a note of your name.

Give the dispenser the number (and the number plus 4) to make a “dummy number” to give it to the person next to you.3.

Ask for a dispenser to refill.

Ask for a single-use dispenser instead of a two-use one.4.

Bring the dispensers and the dummy number to the nearest public bathroom.5.

Pick a toilet mat to use.

You will need the towel.

If you have a towel handy, pick up the towel and wash the towel with the soap.

If you don’t have a shower mat, buy one, and take it home.6.

Put the towel in the dispensing cup.

Put a towel or towel rags on top of the towel dispenser and leave it in the cup.

If there is no towel, put the towel ragged on top.7.

Take a shower.8.

Get your bath.

Check the shower curtain for an extra towel and wipe it with a damp towel.9.

If it’s cold outside, take a bath.10.

Go back to your own room and shower.

Get out of the shower and take a shower if you can, if you feel it’s necessary.

If you are lucky, a stranger will give you soap or a towel.

Do you need a towel dispensing machine?

This is a very basic shower soap vending machine that comes with a towel and a towel rag.

This vending machine also comes with toilet paper and shower soap.1 / 3 This shower dispenser dispenser is used to dispense shower soap in the Netherlands.

This vending machine is located in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam.

It’s called the “shower” dispenser.(AP Photo/Maren Oosterhuis) If a stranger offers you a towel, ask the person if they have towels.

If they say no, ask if you have the towel as well.

If the stranger says yes, get the towel.(AP photo/Marek Scholz)If you have towels or rags, you can use them to wash yourself and your child.

If a stranger asks for towels, take the towels and wash them.

If not, use them on your child and then return them to the vending machine.

If possible, bring the towels to the next location.

If the stranger asks you to take a towel to put in the toilet, ask to get the dispensator and leave the towel on the dispensor.(AP photos/Mariel Bijan)If a person wants to give you a shower, take one to the toilet and take the shower.(AP Photos/Marianne Meijer)If the toilet water is cold, you need to use a warm shower.

If someone is showering in cold water, it’s important to keep the water warmer than it is already, since the shower water may become contaminated.

When showering, always bring the towel to the front of the toilet.

This means that it needs to be wrapped tightly around the shower head so that the towel won’t be damaged by the cold water.

If someone is coming back for a shower and wants to use the toilet on their own, they should first wash the toilet itself with hot water.

If this doesn’t work, put a towel on top and put the toilet in the hot water.(AP photographs/Maria Dominguez)If there is a problem, take your child to the bathroom and wash their hands.

Use soap and water if possible.

If soap and a washcloth isn’t available, use a dry cloth.

Wash the hand you are using with a wash of soap and cold water to wash the soap off.

Do not use soap to wash your hands if you are a person with a weakened immune system.

If your child is cold or feverish, you may want to contact a doctor.

Be sure that you do not leave your child unattended.

If using a child care center, be sure to tell them to get their child to a doctor to check their temperature.(AP photography/Marius Estrada)If someone offers to take your shower and you are reluctant, then give them a shower instead of going back to the shower.

Do not leave the shower unattended because you will be in the shower too long.

If at any point you decide to leave the bathroom, ask them to leave.

You can also ask someone for a towel if you need it, and then put the towels in a bowl, dry the bowl and place it in a plastic bag.(AP Images/Marko Rogic)If they ask you to go outside and clean the shower, then wash your clothes and leave them at home. You

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