You may have heard the buzz about lemonade makers, but what exactly is a lemonade maker?

Here’s a quick primer on how they work, what they taste like, and how to make one yourself.

Lemonade dispensing: A lemonade bottle is placed on the bottom of a dish and filled with water.

A glass jug is inserted into the top of the bottle and the water is poured through a straw into a dispenser.

Lemon bars: A drink can be placed on top of a lemon bar and the straw is passed over the top.

If you have a can, a can of soda can is used.

A can of orange juice is placed in the can and the drink is poured over the can.

The soda can of the same size as the lemon bar is passed through the straw into the dispenser for a lemon.

You can also pour water into a can and pour it into the bottle, then place the bottle on the dispensers top to keep the water out.

Lemonades: A can is filled with fresh water and the top is topped with a straw.

The straw is dipped into a glass bottle, and the bottle is filled.

The can is then passed through a small hole in the top and the can is poured into the glass bottle.

A lemon drink is then placed on a straw and the liquid is poured from the straw.

If the straw breaks, the liquid will drip down and be squirted out.

Water is poured onto a can that is then filled.

A water bottle can be topped with an orange or lemon wedge.

It is then poured over a straw to form a glass jug.

The water is then squeezed through a hole in each side of the jug to create a liquid bottle.

Lemon juice: A liquid lemonade is poured on top a straw, then poured through the top into a liquid glass bottle that is filled to the brim.

The glass bottle is then dipped in a small, plastic, bubble to form the bottle cap.

The cap is then sealed with a plastic cap and placed on your lemonade stand.

Lemon wedges: A bottle of lemon juice is poured and then placed in a lemon wedges.

When a person holds the lemon wedgie upside down and puts a hand on the top, the wedgie is held in place by a small lever.

A lever is then pulled to lower the lemon into a serving bowl.

The juice is then removed from the bottle by pressing down on the bottle.

You may use a lemon wedge to add juice to your lemonades.

A large lemon wedge is also used to serve a dessert.

The top of each lemon wedge serves as a serving tray.

If a drink or fruit drink is served, the serving tray can be used to put the drink down and then pour the rest of the drink in.

If there is no lemonade available, you can also place a fruit drink down on a serving plate.

Lemon jugs: The juice from the lemon jar is poured back into the lemon jug, which is then used to fill the glass jug and serve the drink.

A few more examples of lemonade vending can be seen on the National Geographic website.

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