The NFL is getting ready to start rolling out its new, new poop bag vending machine.

And not only are we talking about dispensers for beer and wine, we’re also talking about new dispensers specifically for the New England Patriots.

As the NFL prepares to introduce the new dispenser for the team, we decided to take a look at how it works and the other changes the league is planning to make in order to make it even easier for fans to get their fix.

Here’s the breakdown:The new dispensing system is part of a $2.5 billion plan that will include a new system to help fans get their food and beverages in front of them during games and in between games, and a new, more flexible system to make the new vending machine easier to use.

We’ll be bringing you all the details on the new system and the new process, but for now, let’s talk about the new disper and how it helped us get our fix.

The new system, which is similar to the ones the league currently uses, has three different systems: a new dispensor that can dispense up to one ounce of liquid at a time, and two separate dispensing units, which are connected by a long, skinny tube.

The first dispensing unit has a “food” section, and can dispenses two ounces of food per minute, per player, per game, per quarter, per minute.

Each player gets one of these dispensers, and the team is responsible for the dispensing of all the food.

Each player can have up to six dispensers connected to their team’s stadium, and players can also have up a total of five dispensers.

The second dispensing section, which was created specifically for Patriots fans, is called the “game-day dispenser,” and can have a total volume of one ounce per minute per player per game or per quarter.

Each team can have as many game-day units as they like, with up to three units each.

Each team can also choose a different dispensing mode, which allows players to use a different type of food for the game and allows them to order more food for later.

There are no limits on the number of food dispensers a team can own, and they can also order more than three food dispensing options at once.

All the dispensers are connected via long, thin tubes that are attached to a handle that you can use to remove the handle.

These tubes are connected to a small valve that can turn on and off the system when a player or team is ready to dispense their food.

The dispensers have a maximum volume of three ounces per minute or per player at a single time.

The system is controlled by the team’s coach, and when a coach is on the field, the coach can also turn the system on and on.

As we mentioned above, these dispensing dispensers will only be used during games, so if you’re attending a game, you’ll have to make sure you get your food and beverage on the table before you order it.

This system will also be used at home.

In a press release, the league said that it will “implement new dispensable technology to enable fans to receive their food in the stadium, while at the same time ensuring that all fans are served food and drink before, during, and after the game.”

It’s not just the new systems that will help make it easier to get your team’s food and drinks on the team plane, either.

The NFL also wants to change how food is stored in the system so that it can keep food fresher longer.

This new dispensation system will be used to keep food fresh longer.

There are two options for dispensing food: 1 ounce per person per game per quarter or 1 ounce for each player per quarter of game time.

Players can also purchase one of the “fresher” varieties of food, which includes a bowl of cereal, a bowl with cereal in it, or a bowl that contains a portion of ice cream.

The “fretless” varieties can have ice cream in it.

The NFL also is planning on allowing fans to use their personal food carts to get food and other items from the team.

When a fan is on team property, they will be able to purchase food at the team cafeteria, where the team staff will bring the food to them.

This food will be placed in the dispenser that they can use during the game.

The other change the league made to make dispensing more convenient is a new “fitness-friendly” dispensing line.

When you enter a game in the new line, the game will have a timer indicating when you should get ready to get to the stadium and when you can get your drink, food, and/or other items to your seat.

If you need help getting to your seats, the team will also have a new line of staff at the stadium.

The line of people

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