The world is getting a little more water-savvy.

The soap dispensing company Elkay has unveiled a new line of dispensers that it hopes will become a global hit.

They’re all based on the same basic design, and they’re designed to help make people feel healthier.

The company hopes that the new dispensers, which are being released in a limited run, will be an instant hit with consumers.

“We’re excited to have them on our shelves, we hope they’re popular and that they’ll go a long way towards making people feel better and feel more hydrated,” Elkay co-founder, Mark Ralston, told Al Jazeera.

“If you’re a person who is very thirsty and very tired and very cranky, we think this is a great idea for you.”

The dispensers use an elayay, a liquid-based additive, to provide an extra amount of water, and the company says they have already been sold in over 60 countries.

“They’re incredibly well-designed and well-engineered, but also they’re lightweight, which is the perfect balance,” Elayay’s chief marketing officer, Matthew O’Connor, told the BBC.

“The dispenser itself is very small and light, which helps with its compact size, but it also makes it easy to transport and clean.”

But the biggest advantage of the dispensers is that they are “water-efficient”, according to the company.

They use a non-ionic, water-absorbing material that is made from a material that was originally developed for a type of rubber, which Elkay says is a water-waste product.

The dispensing material, which has been made by a team of scientists at the University of Illinois, has been developed by Elkay for the purpose of using in the water-soluble, watertight container.

“It is extremely effective at preventing water loss from the container,” Elaya’s chief sustainability officer, Chris McEwan, told CNN.

“This is an excellent water-repellent product, it’s water-efficient, it is water-resistant and it’s environmentally friendly.”

Elkay says the dispenser is being developed to help people with chronic water problems, such as dehydration, which makes up a substantial part of people’s diet.

“Our dispensers will help people who are water-sick and who suffer from chronic water shortages, and those with chronic illnesses, like kidney stones and other kidney problems,” McEgan said.

The Elkay dispensers can be used in a range of environments, including homes, hospitals, restaurants and hotels.

The new dispenser can also be used at airports, with dispensers available in different sizes.

“People have to have their own water dispensers in their homes, so we think it’s great that this will be a universal technology, so it can be adapted to a wide range of settings,” McEvill said.

“That way, we can make sure it works everywhere.”

ElKay is one of many water-filling products that are making the rounds, but the company is also looking at other applications.

“What we are particularly excited about is dispensing water into the homes of people who suffer diarrhoea, or who suffer heartburn or other conditions like these, which can lead to serious problems,” O’Donnell said.

For example, he said, dispensers would be useful in preventing the growth of water-damaged crops and waterlogged toilets.

“These are areas where water pollution and water scarcity can have devastating impacts, and we think dispensing could be a fantastic solution,” O’mann said.

Elkay hopes to launch the dispensing devices into the market in the next few months.

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